weird is the one and only queer online city paper in Bielefeld and one of the very few German journalistic lesbian | queer magazines and city papers that are published monthly.


weird started its first issue in November 2007 on! Youíll find it just here, because:


weird is an online magazine only. weird is constantly updated. A new issue with new content is published every month.


weird content means celebrity interviews, features, news, music and pop culture from all over the world, local topics, event dates, addresses and many more.


weird is intersectional and takes a stand against hetero_cis_normativity, stereotypes, and all kind of discrimination. weird is independent,

100 % self-determined, 100 % weird.


Be weird! And be in! Out now: the latest weird issue No. 170 May 2022!


See the weird Archive for former issues.

weirdEnglish adj

strange, different, bizarre,

peculiar, curious, queer

The current issue


No. 170 May 2022


Out now!

Just online. Just here.







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