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Interview with Maja Ivarsson of

The Sounds







Interview: Christine Stonat (5/2020)

Photo: The Sounds Press Photo




weird: “Things We Do For Love” will be out in June 2020. It is your sixth album. 18 years since your debut. And it has been quite a while since your last album “Weekend” 2013. How exciting are you about releasing new albums, in general and especially now and does it feel different to former releases maybe?


Maja Ivarsson | The Sounds: We’re all very excited, but I guess it’s a bit like child birth. Your first one is extremely nerve wracking and exiting but I would assume a sixth one you kind of know what you’re getting into. Nevertheless you love them all equally.




weird: “Things We Do For Love” was supposed to be out at the beginning of May 2020. You pushed the album release to June 2020. Because of the current pandemic situation or were there any other reasons?


Maja Ivarsson | The Sounds: Yes, we pushed the album release because of the pandemic situation. It’s so unfortunate to have a new album out and not being able to promote it properly or being able to play any real shows or go out on tour. But we didn’t wanna wait for too long either, all we want is to share our music with our fans and one day we’ll be able to experience it live with them too. And by then they’ll know the new songs better.




weird: But there was new music by you of course with the EP “The Tales That We Tell” with four beautiful new songs independently released in 2017. What is it that makes the difference between releasing an EP and a full-length album (besides the amount of songs)? Means with regard to how it is made/produced, how it feels to you and how it is received by the audience and critics.


Maja Ivarsson | The Sounds: For us it’s no big difference between this new album and our last EP. Both were recorded in our own studio in Malmö. No producer or engineer, just the five of us doing our thing.


Work wise it was different for me on Tales That We Tell. I remember being nine months pregnant doing vocals for one of the songs and breastfeeding on another. Literally while singing!


For Things We Do For Love I was able to get back into my writing skills again, I really enjoy spending time in the studio writing songs. Especially now when I can’t be up on stage rocking out.




weird: The special thing about The Sounds is that no matter how different your songs and albums are and whatever you do, there is always this unique The Sounds sound you have, carried also by your exceptional voice. How is your approach to making new songs and creating that special The Sounds sound, in general but especially also with regard to your new album now?


Maja Ivarsson | The Sounds: I think the major reason to us always sounding like ourself, no matter what we do is because we’re still the same band members since the beginning. This is what the five of us sound like together.


Personally I sometimes feel like the song kind of writes itself, you just have to go wherever it takes you. I’ve never had any plan or blueprint to how I want it to be or sound like before I start writing. Music and lyrics comes to me simultaneously and usually very fast. I just try to hang on.




weird: Just a few weeks ago, mid-April 2020, you played an awesome stage show at the KB in Malmö that was broadcasted live on Facebook. So, you played in that club without any audience!? How was that for you?


Maja Ivarsson | The Sounds: It was very surreal to play a full set in a rock club with no audience but I really enjoyed being able to reach out to our fans all over the world.


Most strange in between songs when it got all quite when it’s usually the opposite and also playing our old hits that’s peoples favorites and not getting any reaction at all. At least not in that room but plenty online.




weird: Many other musicians take their guitar or piano and stream live from their homes in single shows or maybe via video “conference”. Why did you decide to do a full band show onstage?


Maja Ivarsson | The Sounds: We were looking for a way to do a livestream when KB (the venue) reached out to us asking if we were interested, of course we were. We got a good live reputation and this would be the closest thing for us to do.




weird: Sweden has not so much strict restrictions like other countries in Europe regarding the Corona pandemic. How have you personally experienced the last two months?


Maja Ivarsson | The Sounds: Things are semi normal here. I mean it’s totally different and upside down but I’m still being able to take my kid to pre school, going to the studio, grocery shopping etc. I haven’t seen my mom in ages though and the news are heartbreaking every day. Swedes follow recommendations pretty well and I think we’re quite a disciplined people and we usually do what we’ve told, thinking of keeping social distance etc.




weird: “I’m on the outside / And I’m told to keep my distance” – The song “Thrill” from your above mentioned EP “The Tales That We Tell” (2017) strangely sounds today as if it would be fitting to these days. Getting a new meaning ... Right!?


Maja Ivarsson | The Sounds: Yes! Never thought about it until now. Kind of scary.




weird: You should have been on tour in the USA in May 2020 with your new Album “Things We Do For Love”. The tour has been postponed due to the pandemic. How do you try to deal with the uncertainty regarding future shows and being back onstage at a crowded venue whenever this might be possible?


Maja Ivarsson | The Sounds: I try to remind myself of all the nurses, doctors and other vital workers we have in a society that are doing an amazing job right now and then my situation doesn’t seem so bad. I’m a musician and a songwriter, if I can’t perform I can always create more music. Either at home or in our studio. I’ll be fine. But of course I miss being in the road.










Interview: Christine Stonat (5/2020)

Photo: The Sounds Press Photo

Am 12.6.20 veröffentlicht die schwedische Band The Sounds ihr sechstes Album. „Things We Do For Love“ ist sowohl Titel des Albums als auch der der ersten Single. Diese ist bereits veröffentlicht. Das letzte Full-Length-Album der Schwed_innen gab es 2013. 2017 erschien zuletzt ihre EP „The Tales That We Tell“. weird sprach im aktuellen Interview mit out Frontfrau und Sängerin Maja Ivarsson über das neue Album, über die aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie abgesagten Tour und ihr fulminantes Online-Konzert ohne Zuschauer im April 2020, über den typischen The Sounds Sound und mehr. Maja Ivarsson (40) lebt mit ihrem Sohn in Malmö.





The Sounds

„Things We Do For Love“ (Arnioki Rec.)

Out: 12.6.20

Single: „Things We Do For Love“



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Name: Maja Ivarsson

Age: 40

Profession: Musician / songwriter / vocalist

Place Of Living: Malmö, Sweden

My weirdest Characteristic: I’m perfect in all my weirdness


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