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Rebecca Lou

A queer perspective on women in pop culture

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Interview: Christine Stonat 10/2021




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Name: Rebecca Lou

Pronouns: She / her

Age: 34

Profession: Musician

Place of Living: Copenhagen, Denmark

My weirdest characteristic: is I keep a collection of different safety pins, just coz I think they are oddly beautiful.






Rebecca Lou

„Heavy Metal Feelings

(W.A.S. Entertainment)

Out: 27.10.21

Single: „Lovesick







Rebecca Lou (34) ist queer und feministisch. Nach ihrem Debutalbum „Bleed“ (2019) hat die dänische Indie-Electro-Pop-Musikerin aus Kopenhagen am 27.10.21 nun ihr neues, zweites Album „Heavy Metal Feelings“ veröffentlicht. Und das ist unbedingt empfehlenswert. In ihrer Musik zeigt sie sich stark wie verletzlich. Persönliche Songs zwischen Kapitalismuskritik und Liebeskummer. Zwischen Electrosound und Akustikgitarre. Beeinflusst gleichermaßen von Punk wie Pop. Im aktuellen Interview (hier veröffentlicht im englischen Original) sprach weird mit Rebecca Lou über das neue Album, starke Gefühle, Kapitalismus, P!nk, das Bedürfnis man selbst zu sein, Überlebensstrategien und noch mehr. Nur hier auf








weird: The title of your new and second album is “Heavy Metal Feelings” (out: October 27, 2021). What are your heavy metal feelings you put into this album?


Rebecca Lou: The album title is meant as a metaphor for all the extreme emotions I had in that specific time period. Heavy metal being one of the most aggressive and intense genres, it kinda felt like that was the emotional music playing inside of me. Huge, roaring and wild emotions that felt life changing. One big mosh pit of feelings.





weird: There is no song of the title “Heavy Metal Feelings” on the album but the title seems to sum up the album as a whole very well. Strong and rocking and yet sensitive and vulnerable. How do you feel the chemistry of the nine songs of your new album?


Rebecca Lou: The songs came very intuitive to me and felt new, but also somehow familiar. I feel like the chemistry and DNA of the songs are hopeful.





weird: I feel, there is a nuanced and various sound about the album. It sounds like a differentiated and full band sound with electro, rock, and acoustic elements, slower and reduced, very dynamic, then very melodic, and then hard rocking. What is your idea of your own sound and how do you try to transform this idea to the recordings?


Rebecca Lou: The idea of producing was to really have no rules or boxes to fit the music in. Each song decided for itself, and that’s how my producer, Søren Buhl Lassen and I wanted to scratch the typical mold of a specific genre.





weird: You wrote and recorded your debut album “Bleed” (2019) with your band. Was it the same process this time and what was different?


Rebecca Lou: The band and I started the process of this album, thinking we would do it together. But just a few months after started writing songs, I knew I had to finish and continue the music on my own. There was too much creative stuff and personal stuff, that I wasn’t able to share or compromise with anymore and I needed to continue my musical journey on my own.





weird: “Capitalism Kills” – and maybe also your first single “Lovesick” – has a kind of P!nk vibe to me, also your voice. Kind of a very powerful hymn, wow. Has P!nk ever been an influence for you in your music career?


Rebecca Lou: I love Pink! That’s a great compliment, thank you. I have really always admired her for being such a great songwriter and amazing singer and the rock backbone of her pop music is so funny and smartly done. That’s is definitely something I wanna bring into my songwriting as well.





weird: You are queer and feminist. “Capitalism Kills” is a clear political statement. The lyrics are very personal at the same time it seems, addressing your own struggle you had to face in a capitalistic, patriarchic, heteronormative society. True?


Rebecca Lou: Yes, very true. Sometimes I feel blindfolded by society to try and live my life a certain way. Capitalism is many things. Our indoctrinated view of the world, how we live in relationships, how we explore our gender, and how we are told to find both outer and inner worth. I don’t like that feeling of control in my life and want to break free from it. I want to be and feel human and find my worth in what I care for and about. I don’t want to chase superficial wealth, social status or constructed gender ideals. I want to be me, safely and real. And that is hard for many people in this world.





weird: The other 8 new album songs are (more or less) about love, relationship, break ups, reflecting, and healing. They also sound very personal. How was your approach to writing those lyrics for the new songs?


Rebecca Lou: I have tried to tell my story as honest as I felt possible. I used to use a lot of metaphors in my lyrics, but tried this time to take down that artistic guard. I think I as an artist have used the metaphors as a kinda shield, but this time I tried to challenge myself to be more direct in my storytelling. I hope the listener feels that when listening to the songs.





weird: In one of your new songs on the album you sing “I am hard to kill” (“Hard To Kill”). What is it that makes you strong and “hard to kill”?


Rebecca Lou: I’ve been through many hardships during this life already. Sometimes I can’t believe I’m still here. But I am. And I’m very proud of myself for that. I’m an emotional cockroach and I wanna stick around for more. I know its cliche, but sometimes it’s not about what we go through, but how we overcome our struggles, the self loathe ... and keep on in this fucked up life. <3







Interview: Christine Stonat 10/2021

Photos: Te u Blic hfeldt


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